Sheila’s Blog

This is my very first post. I’m going to try & give you information on new products we have coming out in my own words & how they can help improve your LIFE.   Helo is our new wearable technology. It isn’t for just certain people it is for all of us young or old.It keeps track of all our vitals.Heart,Blood Pressure,Pulse,Quality of Sleep & hours slept.also not least of all the regular steps etc.We also have a SOS & GPS help finder. How does this help us you might ask by giving  our  Location for when we need Help. My Mom was wearing one in the Care home she lives in as she is 92. When I went to visit I noticed She was not  herself. I was able to get the staff to give her a complete check up & treat her . Once again she was O.k. I realize at 92 I might not have her around for too much longer, but  sure would like to have her around as long as I can.The other way is to painful to think about as All of you must know.I try to spend Quality time, as much as I am able with her,making good memories that I can take out and cherish when the time comes.


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