Health & Safety

Seniors : are the most vulnerable as we age.With a lot of unexpected things happening.We really do not feel any older in our minds,but our body betray’s us. We generally have to start  taking medication,for one problem or another.Not realizing the side effects.Our minds become a bit foggy,our balance gives us another problem.Mostly from meds that are supposed to do us good.By the time we realize what is happening, the damage has been done.I think a lot of us would go to the Natural Health Remedy.There are a lot of good healthy substitutes & natural remedies.Even a change in Diet seems to help.One of the things that help others help us,is wearable products.It is no larger than a wrist watch.The Helo is such a product.It will keep our family informed of any changes to our vitals.Heart rate,ECG, blood pressure,energy level,mood,breath rate,quality of sleep and many more. That is why we call it a Fitbit on Steroids.The family pre- programs it with their phone number and it keeps them informed.It will even give them the GPS co-ordinates when we push the SOS for help.The best part of technology it only seems to get smaller & smarter.I for one never believed I would be so interested in future technology or computers. I watched a movie last nite about IBM & the first Computers. They sure were huge actually filled a room and needed their own air conditioners, and how they progressed over the years. Our first cell phones were pretty much the size of a briefcase.But were mostly in cars  as they needed such a large battery.They also didn’t have internet Just basic calling even then you mostly lost the signal.Now day’s they are extremely small and basically a phone and computer in one.My how times change.If you would like more information about the incredible “HELO” go to my web site. thanks .Hope you enjoyed my post. Sheila



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