My name is Sheila Emes. I have been a “Business Woman” most of my life.I have worked at raising a Family As  well as  at a job.I will be celebrating a Wedding  Anniversary in Jan . 2017. It has bean very rewarding , both in my personal and professional life.My family are all grown up now. With grown- up children of their own.Starting “new Life Adventures”just as it should be.Now I am in the last part of my life.But not the least part, as I still feel the need to build bridges and cross streams,figuratively  speaking.LOL. That is why once again I have become “Self Employed”. I enjoy meeting new people and generally being Social.Excitedly introducing new people to my new adventure.I am an “Independent “Business Associate of Wor(l)d Global Network.  We have a great team that work together.All helping & encouraging one another. Plus “Great” products.  I believe we have some of the “Best” products, with more being offered all the time. As new products are being introduced I will let you know about them, right here on my Blog, as well as trying to give you some insight as to what is happening in my life.


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